I run across lots of people who could save a little time and RSI by not reaching for the mouse quite as much.

Here are some shortcuts I use most often. These shortcuts work in IE, Firefox, and Chrome as well as some other Windows applications.

  • <Tab> Move to next field
  • <Shift> + <Tab> Move to previous field
  • <Alt> + <D> Place focus in web browser address area
    • Combine with <Ctrl> + <C> to quickly copy the current web address to the clipboard
    • Combine with [typing text] then <Ctrl> + <Enter> to quickly enter and browse to an address like www.sometext.com
  • <Ctrl> + <T> Open a new browser tab
  • <Ctrl> + <N> Open a new browser window
  • <Ctrl> + <F4> Close a tab
  • <Ctrl> + <Tab> Change to the next tab
  • <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Tab> Change to the previous tab
  • <F5> Refresh the current web page
  • <Ctrl> + <F5> Same as F5 but also forces all page content to be download from the server (no cache). Very useful for resolving web page issues.
  • <Shift> + <Left Click> (on a link): Open the link in a new window
  • <Ctrl> + <Left Click> (on a link): Open the link in a new tab